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FGRP Tamper Proof Box / CT Metering Protection Box for Distribution Transformer (Wall Mounting & Pole Mounting)  

Features & Advantages:

Compact Design with Elegant Appearance.
Light weight & Durable.
Wide range for different Applications.
Display window of Polycarbonate on the front door to monitor Energy meter.
Current Transformers for Energy meter is provided as per customer Technical Specification.
Arrangements for fixing CTs & termination to Energy Meter.
Unique space for mounting Energy meter and Busbar for cable connections.
Excellency for weather ability.
Safe for consumers as well cattle due to insulated body.
Maintenance free from Rust proof and Shock proof.
Fire Retardant.
Climatic disaster for Solar Radiation, Polluted Atmosphere, Coastal Humidity and heavy rains.
Rot-proof and termite resistant.
Applicable for indoors and outdoors.

Technical Specifications:
The systems is designed as per Electrical power distribution requirements and consisting of protection devices and metering also as per the IS & customers requirements.
FGRP Molded in Single piece of thickness of 3.5mm.
Hot press moulded by (FGRP) SMC.
Anti rust Aluminum Hardware for wire seal Tamper proof.
Concealed Stainless steel hinges.
Hinges Riveted from inside.
Unique space for cable entry & connection as per IS standards.
Adequate rating of Aluminum Busbar with colour coded heat shrinkable sleeves.
CT Coils as per IS-2705/1992 & Ratio: 50/5A, 75/5A & 100/5A, 400/5A,800/5Ao f Class 1.0 & 0.5.
FGRP Insulators for mounting Aluminium Busbar.
Mounting arrangements of box for Pole Mounting & Wall Mounting.
Hylam sheet for Energy Meter with suitable thickness of Electrical Grade.
Gasket arrangement for dust/vermin proof/water proof.
PVC Cable glands for both Incoming & Outgoing cables.
Excellent facilities for tool & mould development through Computer Aided Design.
The Product have been Tested in a Govt of India Recognized Test House
Development of our products are achieved by In-house Compression Molding & Injection Molding

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